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The Bedrooms

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Françoise & Marco offer you 5 Bedrooms

near Galamus, Bugarach & the Castles of Cathar Country

Our Bouquet of GUEST BEDROOMS in Cubières sur Cinoble


  at first floor


 the  Dining room

  at  the 1st  floor






the  Lounge





Bedroom - mini studio apartment


  at the  2nd floor




the terrace

exposed due south


we receive our our from 4h p.m.

Thank you for respecting this hour to leave us the time to prepare your arrival


All our Bedrooms are situated at the level of our home

they are all equipped  with a

central heating  

a private toilets & shower room with a towel dryer & hair dryer mural

 linen is provided

and a kettle  to prepare yourself an hot drink


to see the fare


(For 1 or 2  Persons) 1 bed 140 

    See the fare
about 13 m² area  (private shower room included), 

this bedroom takes advantage of 2 expositions of the sun  on east & south, it the reason why  we call it SUNFLOWER  the decoration remind the lightly colours of this flower

Yellow orange et Green  are dominant tones



 next bedroom


to see the fare


                                 for 2 PERSONS 2 beds 90    (or double 180)       See the fare

about 17 m² area  (private shower room included), 

2 beds 90 large  (can be fit out  in 180 large on demand) 


we call this bedroom   CAMELLIAS  the decoration remind the pastel  colours of this famous  flower ivory  or pink , a style a little retro and romantic with brassy tone





 next bedroom



to see the fare


                                 Family Bedroom                  See the fare

  (for 3 Persons )  2 beds 90 (or double 180)  + 1 bed 90

about 23m² area  (private shower room included),  equipped

2 beds 90 large  (can be fit out  in 180 large on demand)  &

 1 supplementary bed 90 large

Spacious this bedroom would receive easily a family with children




 next bedroom


to see the fare


                                             Bedroom-mini studio apartment  See the fare

(for 1-2 Persons ) 2 beds 90 (or double 180)

about 24 m² area  (private shower room included)

1 bed 180 large  or twin bed 90 &

Ideal for a night stage in hike on the Cathar path for those who wish a departure the dawns

self-catering for breakfast and/or its dinner to be warmed ( to order)

All the equipment is made available in the room which includes a small kitchen sink, one washes dishes, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a table-chairs, a buffet with dishes


we call this bedroom  ORCHIDS  so the decoration remind the extraordinary variety of this exceptional flower we can find along our pathway around  at the beginning  of spring.





 next bedroom



to see the fare


                                       Family Bedroom

       See the fare

(for 3 Persons ) 2 beds 90 (or double 180) + 1 beds 90

about 23 m² area  (private shower room included),  equipped

2 beds 90 large  (can be fit out  in 180 large on demand)  &

 1 supplementary bed 90 large

Spacious this bedroom would receive easily a family with children

we call this bedroom  CORNFLOWER  the decoration remind the youthfulness colours of this flower and also lavender we can find a lot in our country




 next room



a large dining-room in common for up to 12 guests

The dining-room is situated at the 1st floor

 it would isolated from the bedroom to preserve the  rest  of our guests

during some convivial & animated evening ...

At the evening, near 19h30 Françoise welcome you with a local aperitif at her table

& have the meal with you  for up to 15 guests

while Marco  finish to prepare the menu in his kitchen with some delicious dishes...





in the morning from  8 h 30, you can have a full breakfast at your own awakening

 (hot drinks, fruit juice, dairy produce,  marmalade  , local honey , bread,  cereals , cakes  homemade...)




 next room


a cosy corner  sitting room at the 2nd floor

 in the middle of  4 bedrooms this place can favour  the exchange between our guests

or you can plainly relax with you friends or family



                                At disposal for adult & children

different games

(games for child, cards, tarot,  chess, scrabble...),

books, documentation, press

( for all liking, about our country  ...)

if you are musician  a piano  synthesizer ,

(headphone is also proposed!...)

a little fridge  (to conserve your own  foodstuff )

with a choice of fresh drinks

 a free connexion WIFI is  possible in each bedroom


 at the reception desk

a telephone VOIP is at your disposal 

(fares of the  communication according to  our operator)



 next room



The  Roof Terrace exposed  due south is  accessible for you

there you can feel the first sunbeam while you have a early cafe

or  take advantage of thours of sunshine during the day

it's also an ideal place to observe a starlit night ...


Our Chambers are referenced :

  ANCV (Chèques vacances)


They are also registered on

 Accueil au village sur sur Koifaire


Chambres D'Hotes .org
Accueil au Village Cubieres sur Cinoble. Chambres D'Hotes & Gites


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Françoise et Marco

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