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The Church Abbey

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Cubières sur Cinoble The Church Abbey BELIBASTE
Its present aspect       history of the Abbey 

 Originally, Cubières sur Cinoble ( Cupiera) was an  Abbey built in the 9th  century, an archive text indicate  its existence  in 844, under Charles le Chauve.

The church of Cubières sur Cinoble   today:  

Successively subordinated to the lords of besalu and fenouilledes's county then under peyretertuse's county, it has been united with  Moissac and Cluny abbey in 1073. Around 1200, it was only a prayer's place depending on moissac abbey and we lose its story after this period. Today there is the vestige of only 1/3 of the church you can visit. 


its present form supposed plan of the Abbey of CUBIERES

 Text of Peter F . RYDER Architect Specialist in medieval period building

we thank him for the precision he gives about the architectural curiosities  of Cubières's church.

The village church at Cubieres is an intriguing building, a post-medieval reconstruction incorporating significant parts if an abbey church of the 11th century. During the reconstruction, prior to which the older building was probably in state of ruin, the liturgical axis of the building was changed to north-south rather east-west.

The south wall of the present church comprises the three eastern bays of the south wall of the original triple-aisled basilican church, together with the apsidal east end of its south aisle (F). The corresponding three bays of the south arcade are intact (with piers A&B on plan), together with the penultimate bay only of the north arcade (piers C&D), together with the transverse arches ( AC &BD) which probably carried a stone vault.

A new northward facing apse, containing the altar of the present church, was formed between C& D, and with it new walls were built diagonally spanning the original central arm, from E to C and G to D.


On the exterior of the building at G a little of the internal face of the original central apse can be seen, showing that it was rather more than semi-circle in plan; piers C & D clearly have responds for arches springing northwards across the former north aisle.

The irregular block of masonry at E is shown on existing plan as a post-medieval buttress, but in fact appears to be a pier of the south arcade, partially reconstructed. A break in its masonry shows that the half-drum of  its western responds has been cut away.

This, together with a wall recently seen when a grave was being dug, on the line of the south wall of the present church, indicate that the building once continued further to the west. It is not clear how far it extended; there is a break in the line of the western churchyard wall on the same line as south wall of the south, but it seems unlikely that the extended as far as this, given the pronounced westward fall of the ground.

The south wall of the present church is of interest. An early doorway survives at H in the western bay, and in bays I & J are remains of small windows set high in the wall above their successors.

Between the bays are remains of shallow pilaster buttresses which do not seem to have extended all the way down to the ground. This, the height of the original windows and what looks like a large in filled socket above the door H, all might imply that there was formerly a cloister walk adjacent to the wall. The walling of bay J (or rather of its western part; eastern seems to have been rebuilt at some time) is reddened, as if by burning - possibly the east range ( with the chapter house etc) adjoined at this point, and was destroyed by fire.



dates in detail

       The place of  Cubières appeared as Abbey in 844 when Charles le Chauve give protection to the priest  Eléazar & to the abbey of Cubières.

. ( excepts of archives texts:  (896 -1639 archive of  Aude))



« Santae  Mariae Caprariensis »



- 14 may

 « Monasterium …in loco ubi dicitur Cuperia in honore… sancti Petri     diplôme de Charles le Chauve conférant l’abbaye au Comte du Razes,Fenouilledes et pays de Peyrepertuse.



-1er Novembre

 « abbacia cubiriasis comitatu redensi » union de l’abbaye à  Arnuste, l’archbishop of Narbonne (county of  Razes)



 - 6 juin

 « abbacia quae vocatur Cubaria »



- juin

« In comitatu Rendensi, abbatia Cuberia »



In his testament Bernard TAILLEFER, gives the Abbey of  cubieres, & also  Bésalu & Fenouillèdes's county  to his son  Guilhem ( 1020-1052) 

 This show that Cubières, as all Peyrepertusès, was depending of  Fenouillèdes county.

B.TAILLEFER at this time give back the freedom to several  serfs, into them Adalbert de Cases who was in charge to offer 5 golden ounces to realise an holy cross in gratitude



« Ecclesiae beatae Mariae in valle quae ab antiquis Cuberia est cognominata

                             … infra fines  ve  erminos territorii  Petrae Pertunsensis »

the abbey is on dependence of Peyrepertuse's lords.Raimond Pierre,  Peyrepertuse's lord is preoccupied by the  decadent situation of this abbey which was before prosperous, to reform it ,he gives, with the approbation of his brother  Béranger, their wives & sons, the abbey to  Hunaud,  MOISSAC 's priest  & to S..Hugues, CLUNY's priest. This union was authorized by  Bernard de Bésalu Fenouillèdes's count who is their suzerain, and by Guifred Narbonne's Archbishop .



The monastery of Cubières is no more than a priory, under  Moissac's priest

      Its story was lost after this date. the monastery was situated near water, at the confluence of  3 rivers, on a  small top where the church was built The  village was built on the same place as the monastery.



QubyeraQubiera  Monastery Notre Dame of Cubières or St Pierre apostle








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