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special Hiking General Map around cubieres

THE SENTIER CATHARE  from Port La Nouvelle to Foix cross our country from east to west side of the department and you can have a stop in  CUBIERES sur cinoble

the different day's trek are described in a book guide of  the sentier cathare (édition -rando guide)

we invite you to consult the  Comité du Tourisme de l'Aude Website and  the travel book they have done specially for the Sentier Cathare

special fare for Stopover



don't forget to reserve your picnic the day before


services of transfers for person or luggage


see the general map download the map around Cubières PDF see information about the day's trek " duilhac-Cubières"

attention: after storm yhe bridge crossing  Agly is destroyed at then point called  la Tirounière

gr36/ sentier cathare betwen  Parking ermitage and direction prugnane

other way (south side) through St paul de Fenouillet (+ 8 km)

 or by Cubières sur Cinoble 







you want  a guide for you walk: click here

Horse activities


other many paths also exist so you can discover through little balads  our nice relief and curiosities ;for that  you must follow different marks depending on the way you choose.

    have a good way on the sentier Cathare   


 ( Great Hinking GR367 white and red) there is a big difficulty at the place called " pech d’Auroux », on the way to " les gorges par l'amont"  at le pla de brezou.

it is really difficult through that point in case of rainy or windy weather ! ( it's like climbing needing help of hand on the rock  pech d’Auroux and also very slippery ). then arriving near  « le col das soul » you have the choice to reach directly the village  of Cubières or to take the direction on the left "st paul de Fenouillet -gorges de galamus " and to have opportunity to cross and visit   the gorges de Galamus before coming back to the village

to avoid this difficulty and discover the wonderful gorges de galamus we advise you to follow the southest way GR36 trough the point  « col de la corbasse »  "gorges par l'aval" , you'll arrive on the road D7 on which one you have to walk until the beginning of the  gorges de Galamus and then to cubières. 

In summer from 4th of july to 31st of august : you can profit from a little bus every  1/4h ( 13h-19h) between the first parking you 'll meet on left side of the road and the parking at the beginning of the gorges 2km far above. …

the visit of the hermitage is possible only in the afternoon. you have a little path from the main parking  (5/10mn) , you can visit, cross it and reach the road climbing  stairs in the rock . you are about 1h  far from Cubières sur Cinoble.


have your time, don't forget we open the door of our guest house only after 16H.






professional ATACA "Chevauchées du Sud"  offer the best activities

around the horse and donkey in Languedoc Roussillon






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